Sample Evening Menu
( Monday - Saturday)


Soup of the day, toasted bread, and butter  5.25

Smoked salmon with horseradish, and caper potato salad   5.95

Beetroot carpaccio, blue cheese, baby leaf salad, English dressing and toasted pine nuts (v)  5.75

Pan fried Asparagus with wild garlic, baby leaf salad and lemon dressing (vg)  5.95

Deep-fried Whitebait with homemade tartare sauce  5.25




Lamb stew with pearl barley and baguette  12.95

Panko witting goujons with homemade tartare, potato wedges and baby leaf salad  12.50

Butternut squash Linguine, roasted red onion, toasted pumpkin seeds and sage oil (vg)  10.95

Chicken breast schnitzel with skinny fries, homemade slaw, and salad  12.75

Chevre Chaud salad with walnuts, honey and balsamic syrup (v)  11.95

Mozzarella salad, cherry tomato pesto, balsamic syrup, basil, and pine nuts  11.95

Chicken nuggets with chips and salad  11.95

Beef burger served in a brioche bun with streaky bacon, tomato, lettuce, cheese, and fries  11.95

Crispy Cajun chicken burger with streaky bacon, American cheese and crispy onions  12.95

Vegan bean burger, potato wedges and side salad (vg)  10.95




Sticky toffee Pudding  5.95

Chocolate Brownie  5.95

Strawberry Fool  5.95

Cabana liquor Banoffee waffle with ice-cream  5.95



Bar snacks and Sides


 Chips  3.25

 Cheesy Chips  3.95

Sweet potato fries 3.95

Potato wedges  3.25

Side salad  3.25

Homemade Slaw  3.25

Marinated olives 3.00


 ​*let us know of any dietary or allergies requirements

*All Food Prices are inclusive of 5 % VAT - * Service Charge is not included